Compiled by Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan.
Translated by G.D. Qureshi

B.A. (Hons.) ; M.A. English (Sind)
LL.B. (Sind) ; M.A. English (Leeds)
Lecturer Coollege of Art and
Technology New Cast U.K.. e-4 Pon-Tyne

1. Blessed be Mustafa, mercy for mankind,
God's light, the right way to find.

2. Blessed be the highest of the high,
The brightest star of prophecy's sky

3. Blessed be the sovereign of Kaaba and paradise,
Who is compassionate, merciful and wise.

4. Blessed be the hero on the night of his ascension,
The apple of the people's eye in heaven.

5. Blessed be the splendour of the next world,
Dignity, justice and grandeur of this world.

6. Blessed be his noble mind,
The most sublime of its kind.

7. Blessed be the source of knowledge divine,
Outstanding and the last in the Prophet's line.

8. Blessed be the point of Life's hidden unity,
And also the centre of its visible diversity.

9. Blessed be Nature's privileged one,
Who divided the moon and called back the sun.

10. Blessed be the blanket, rich in mystic quality.
Under which the food increased in quantity.

11. Blessed be the sovereign, wise and high,
whose rule extends from earth to sky.

12. Blessed be the giver of blessings diverse,
On whose account God created the universe.

13. Blessed be the best of all Prophets,
The most kind and last of the Prophets.

14. Blessed be he was merged in God's light,
And established the rule of right over might.

15. Blessed be the Prophet, most distinguished,
 Matchless, exquisite and unpapalleled.

16. Blessed be the star that brightly shone,
 And in size had gradually grown.

17. Blessed be the jewe3l of Nature's plenty,
 Whose knowledge extended from here to externity.

18. Blessed be the strength of the helpless,
 Committed to the uplift of the penniless.

19. Blessed be our Prophet's perfection,
 Which bore divine unity's reflection.

20. Blessed be the balm in hardship and dismay,
 Whose aim in life is justice and fairplay.

21. Blessed be my strength in misery,
 My hope and wealth in poverty.

22. Blessed be the clue to mystic signs,
 That throws light on God's design.

23. Blessed be the totality of most and least,
 That changes a pantheist into a monotheist.

24. Blessed be the success after patience,
 How nice ! if shortage is followed by abundance.

25. Blessed be our Prophet's supplications,
 Which met God Almighty's approbations.

26. Blessed be our valued patron in poverty,
 Who leads us out of adversity.

27. Blessed be his caring concern for the vicious,
 And a satisfying affection for the righteous.

28. Blessed be the prime cause of creation,
 The final medium of human salvation.

29. Blessed be the focal point of revelation,
 Initiating the process of God's manifestation.

30. Blessed be that gardener's noble strife,
 Who gave withering flower's a new life.

31. Blessed be that symbol of beneficence,
 Without a shadow or equal in any sense.

32. Blessed be that, embodiment of grace,
 Birds of heaven sing whose praise.

33. Blessed be that broad forehead,
 Truth on which was always read.

34. Blessed be that king of Kings,
 Whose name instant success brings.

35. Blessed be those tresses black,
 Vision's feast and mercy's track.

36. Blessed be that stately parting,
 Day coming in and night departing.

37. Blessed be his act of combing,
 Which left lovers's hearts throbbing.

38 Blessed be those ears that hear,
 Every sound from far and near.

39. Blessed be the dynasty Hashimite,
 Dazzling wave in a flood of light.

40. Blessed be his head and the hair,
 Which the crown of success wear.

41. Blessed be those eyebrows,
 For which the niche of Kaaba bows.

42. Blessed be the shade benign,
 Of eyelashes black and fine.

43. Blessed be his eyes, those gems,
 From which mercy's fountain stems.

44. Blessed be that rose of nature,
 Glorious symbol of Creator.

45. Blessed be the look affectionate,
 Caring, kind and compassionate.

46. Blessed be his awe and dignity,
 Best in piety and humility.

47. Blessed be the cheeks so bright,
 That they bedimmed the moonlight.

48. Blessed be his suitable height,
 Tos look at him was a real delight.

49. Blessed be that beaming complexion,
 Which gave the onlookers a satisfaction.

50. Blessed be his beautiful skin,
 Which said that men are same within.

51. Blessed be that fragrant sweat,
 On workers which had a great impact.

52. Blessed be the hair on his chin,
 Holy, clean, soft and thin.

53. Blessed be his beard's boon,
 Glowing like the halo of the moon.

54. Blessed be his lips, in talk or repose,
 Which resembled petals of a rose.

55. Blessed be the mouth, devoted to teach,
 What God desired him to preach.

56. Blessed be the freshness of his palate,
 Which in desert flowers did create.

57. Blessed be his saliva's power,
 Which changed hard to soft water.

58. Blessed be his tongue, gifted and true,
 Speaking words, which God wanted him to.

59. Blessed be his persuasive speech,
 Evil to quell, and virtue to teach.

60. Blessed be his rare gift of eloquence,
 Which won the hearts of his audience.

61. Blessed be that moment of God's beneficence,
 Which guaranted his prayer's acceptance.

62. Blessed be that luminous galaxy,
 Which threw God's men into ecstasy.

63. Blessed be his smile's influence,
 To relax people, if they were tense.

64. Blessed be that throat's rare quality,
 Fresh as milk, and sweet as honey.

65. Blessed be his shoulders, dignified,
 In whom dignity itself took pride.

66. Blessed be the Prophet's seal that shone,
 An in Kaaba shines the black stone.

67. Blessed be the strength of nation,
 An emblem of learings consummation.

68. Blessed be that hand's generosity,
 Which ushered in an era of prosperity.

69. Blessed be the strength of that arm,
 Which bore all the burdens, without alarm.

70. Blessed be his hands and their vigour,
 Two pillafrs of our religion and culture.

71. Blessed be his palm, clear and bold,
 Whose lines "courage" foretold.

72. Blessed be his fingers, long and bright,
 Which looked like fountains of light.

73. Blessed be his crescent-like nail,
 Which brought health in its trail.

74. Blessed be his denunciation of rage,
 And commendation of love and courage.

75. Blessed be his heart's sensitivity,
 Which understood the mystery of unity.

76. Blessed be that millionaire's appetit,
 Who ate, what a poor man might.

77. Blessed be that magnanimous mind,
 Which sought God's mercy for mankind.

78. Blessed be his knees exhalted,
 Whose greatness Prophet's acknowledged.

79. Blessed be the steps in right direction,
 Which led humanity nearest to perfection.

80. Blessed be those feet and the way,
 The Quran swore by whose pathway.

81. Blessed be the moment of Prophet's birth,
 When unsurpassed glory spread over the earth.

82. Blessed be the prayer for man's salvation,
 Uttered by him in first prostration.

83. Blessed be that fortunate breast,
 Which fed him at God's behest.

84. Blessed be his regard for others,
 Used one, left other breast for brothers.

85. Blessed be the glory of Prophethood,
 Finest flower in the garden of manhood.

86. Blessed be his God-loved face,
 And his childhood charm and grace.

87. Blessed be the sweet buds blossoming,
 And the plants gradually growing.

88. Blessed be his habit of keeping-away,
 As a child from meaningless play.

89. Blessed be his unpretentious style,
 Informal but very encouraging smile.

90. Blessed be his ways immaculate,
 In every sense pious and great.

91. Blessed be his symbolic assertions,
 Easy solutions to difficult situations.

92. Blessed be his simple-mindedness,
 Leading to acts of selflessness.

93. Blessed be he who went to pray,
 In a cave alone, by night or day.

94. Blessed be his spiritual domain,
 Of beings, celestial and mundane.

95. Blessed be his mission of Islam,
 Replacing violence by peace and calm.

96. Blessed be nights of relaxation,
 And nights of prayer and meditation.

97. Blessed be the drops fo rain graciious,
 And rays of the morning auspicious.

98. Blessed be his love for the repentent,
 And his firmness with the insolent.

99. Blessed be his prophetic grandeur,
 Before whom bowed every Emperor.

100. Blessed be he who stood in God's Light,
 While Moses fainted just at first sight.

101. Blessed be the face bright as moon,
 Which dispelled the darkness so soon.

102. Blessed be the Victors' Holy cry,
 Echoing on earth and in the Sky,

103. Blessed be those brave liberators,
 Who defeated the cruel dictators.

104. Blessed be Prophet Mustafa's bravery,
 Jingling swords bore whose testimony.

105. Blessed be the brave Lion's Stride,
 Who won bold Hamza to his side.

106. Blessed be all his habits fair,
 May God bless his every hair.

107. Blessed be his eventful life,
 Peace motivated whose strife.

108. Blessed be his devoted friends,
 Pease on whom every Muslim sends.

109. Blessed be Propher's family members,
 who are all like heavenly flowers.

110. Blessed be that garden of piety,
 Whose plants grew with the water of purity.

111. Blessed be their nascent purity,
 Who belong to our Prophet's family.

112. Blessed be that symbol of honour,
 Pious Batool, our Prophet's daughter.

113. Blessed be the veils of graces,
 Which from sun and moon hid their faces.

114. Blessed be our Prophet's beloved daughter,
 Pious, pure and women's leader.

115. Blessed be Hassan, the generous leader,
 Who rode on Prophet's shoulder.

116. Blessed be his glorious magnificence,
 Symbol of knowledge and eloquence.

117. Blessed be the sweet sermons on culture,
 Preached by the honey - tongned messenger.

118. Blessed be the martyr, red - attried,
 In the desert of Karbala who expired.

119. Blessed be our departed leader,
 Gem of Najaf, the sun of honour.

120. Blessed be those symbols of piety,
 Mothers of the muslim community.

121. Blessed be those emblems of modesty,
 Members of the House of dignity.

122. Blessed be Prophet's bosom friend,
 Whose affection and loyalty knew no end.

123. Blessed be that home blissful,
 Declared by God as Peaceful.

124. Blessed be Mustafa, mercy for mankind,
 May angels sing it with Riza and his kind.

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