by Imam Ahmed Raza Khan
Translated by: Prof. G.D. Qureshi

Dust we are; return to it we must
Adam, our ancestor, was created from dust.

Reduce us to it in your search,
O God! Dust is our medal from our dear Lord.
That dust on which Prophet set his feet.
For us is better than a heavenly seat.

Sky was hurt deeply by the sharp irony.
When Earth said, "Madinah is located on me"

Prophet described Ali as "dustís father"
Who is our wise guide and brave leader.
O seekers! Walk humbly in right earnest
Under this earth is our Prophetís place of rest.

Prophetís grave and Kaabah are made with dust
So respect it always every-where we must.

Raza! In Allahís eyes we will have no worth
If we do not love Madinah on this earth.