Al-Quran - Arabic with English Translation
Prof Syed Shah Fareed ul Haq

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تفصیل سورہتفصیل رکوع
ترتیبِ تلاوتنام سورہترتیبِ نزولمکی / مدنیرکوع نمبرآیات شمارپارہ شمارنام پارہ
100سُوْرَةُ الْعٰدِیٰت14مکی11 - 1130عَمَّ

Allah in the name of the most Affectionate the Merciful.

بِسْمِ اللّٰهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیْمِ

1. By those, that run snorting

1. وَ الْعٰدِیٰتِ ضَبْحًاۙ۝۱

2. Then bring out spark of fire from stones by striking their hoops

2. فَالْمُوْرِیٰتِ قَدْحًاۙ۝۲

3. Then devastate at morning

3. فَالْمُغِیْرٰتِ صُبْحًاۙ۝۳

4. Then at time, they raise clouds of dust.

4. فَاَثَرْنَ بِهٖ نَقْعًاۙ۝۴

5. Then penetrate into the center of the forces of enemy

5. فَوَسَطْنَ بِهٖ جَمْعًاۙ۝۵

6. Undoubtedly, man is greatly unthankful to his Lord.

6. اِنَّ الْاِنْسَانَ لِرَبِّهٖ لَكَنُوْدٌۚ۝۶

7. And undoubtedly, he is himself a witness over it.

7. وَ اِنَّهٗ عَلٰى ذٰلِكَ لَشَهِیْدٌۚ۝۷

8. And undoubtedly, he is strong in the love of wealth.

8. وَ اِنَّهٗ لِحُبِّ الْخَیْرِ لَشَدِیْدٌؕ۝۸

9. Does he not know when those that are in graves shall he raised?

9. اَفَلَا یَعْلَمُ اِذَا بُعْثِرَ مَا فِی الْقُبُوْرِۙ۝۹

10. And that which is in the breasts shall be opened ?

10. وَ حُصِّلَ مَا فِی الصُّدُوْرِۙ۝۱۰

11. Undoubtedly, their Lord and that day is fully aware of them.

11. اِنَّ رَبَّهُمْ بِهِمْ یَوْمَىِٕذٍ لَّخَبِیْرٌ۠۝۱۱